Recipe: Blended herbs and lettuce soup

If you’re looking for new flavours to try your baby on, try this blended recipe of herbs and lettuce soup

Design and model your own clothes

High street retailer River Island is the official fashion partner for this year's Lollibop festival this August

House of Magic: Summer movie review

This summer's animated blockbuster is House of Magic. Read our review of the movie now

Positive approach to handling tantrums

Taking a positive approach to a toddler tantrum can help resolve the issue easily, says Dr Linda Mallory

Help friends cope with sleepless nights

Sleepless nights can take its toll on everything, find out how you can help your best friend through this tough time

Benefits of swimming for baby or toddler

Find out how you can get the most benefit for your baby or toddler and you with regular swimming sessions

I'm pregnant — now what?

I'm pregnant — now what? What to expect now that you're pregnant, from antenatal appointments to your changing body

What will your newborn baby look like?

What will your newborn baby actually look like? Here’s what you can expect when you finally meet your bundle of joy.

Discover the best picnic spot near you

With the summer weather finally here, find the perfect picnic spot for the family, we round up the very best near you

Swimwear stuff for baby and toddler

The sun is out, take a look at some of these reasonably priced swimwear accessories that won't break the bank

Pregnancy Tools:


Baby Names & Meanings

Will it be Blue Ivy, Harper Seven, Buddy Bear...? Or perhaps your baby name idea might be more traditional?

Due Date

Are you desperate to know when your due date might be? See how your due date is worked out with this handy calculator

Am I Pregnant Quiz

Feeling a bit queasy? Wondering why you keep needing a wee? What about those strange crazy mood swings?



Thinking about natural pain relief?

Do you plan to go for natural pain relief in labour? Our guide to managing pain relief with a variety of methods...

Weaning your baby: The best first foods

It isn't always possible to whip up delicious organic food for your weaning baby. Try our tips for the best results

How to settle your newborn to sleep

Finding ways to settle your newborn to sleep can help you create an early sleeping routine right for you and baby

Gurgle TV:

This video shows you how to correctly apply the right pressure for baby massage.

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Views: 10

This video offers the help you learn how you need to bath your newborn.

Category: Baby
Views: 340

Camilla Stephens, founder of Higgidy, shares her tips for creating a pretty salad.

Category: Recipes
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Kids interview famous athlete Mo Farah about health and nutrition.

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Watch this video to help understand what causes a baby to gag when they start to eat solid foods.

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Watch this video to understand the correct sleeping positions for your baby.

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Myleene Klass tells us her favourite thing about being a mum- a feeling that all mums can identify with!

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This video helps you work out exactly what you willl need to pack if you have a water birth planned.

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Celeb mum Denise Van Outen takes a look behind the scenes at CBeebies Land at Alton Towers resort.

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For Child Safety Week Mothercare has teamed up with Good Morning Britain to raise awareness on car seat safety.

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Take a look at the new series on Morph's You Tube channel.

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A collection of your video clips of your little ones, from that precious first hour to bottom shuffling across the...

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What is the best remedy for chicken pox?

TV doctor Ellie Cannon shares her advice for the most effective remedies for common children's ailment chickenpox

How to help your child to enjoy food

If every meal turns into a battle, don't despair. Anjana Gosai reveals six savvy strategies that will help

Find the sport perfect for your tot

Swimming? Football? Which sport would best suit your baby or toddler? Find out with a little help here



Win the Samsung Galaxy K zoom

Samsung is offering one lucky reader the chance to win a Galaxy K zoom and tickets to a family day out this summer

Win great prizes worth over £930!

We are offering 1 lucky reader the chance to win prizes for you & your little one worth over £930!

Win a pushchair & more worth £1,200

Win a stylish Mima Xari pushchair & loads of cute things for you and your baby worth £1,200

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Melt in the mouth custard creams

Melt in the mouth custard creams perfect for any occasion whether it’s a kids party or a lazy Saturday afternoon

Family holiday in the Isle of Wight

Follow our top tips to ensure your family holiday to the Isle of Wight is unforgettable — for all the right reasons

Create an enchanted forest kids bedroom

Look at our kid's interior ideas using all things wild from bear rugs, tree totem mobiles, and a fox cub lampshade