Back to school lunchbox ideas

If your little on is going back to nursery, get some inspiration for lunchboxes? Get some healthy ideas

Jools Oliver's blog: Family summer

Jools enjoyed the summer but was excited for September's Little Bird news

Recipe: Shooting burger planets

Mini burgers are perfect finger food for any party and this is an original spin on serving a classic

Parenting rules: What worked for us

How do the experts handle parenting issues such as fussy eaters, tantrums and bedtime routines?

Michaela's precious moments

TV presenter Michaela Strachan says that motherhood gives you the excuse to enjoy children's games again

Allergy-free chocolate buns

You can still enjoy yummy chocolate orange buns even if you have a dairy or wheat allergy...get the recipe here

Try your little ones with some beetroot

Trying introducing beetroot into your toddler's diet with this delicious recipe little ones are sure to love

Gurgle's A-Z of pregnancy

From crazy cravings to itchy skin, Rebecca Howard Dennis guides you through the whole nine months

How to invest in your child's future

Piggy banks, child trust funds, Junior ISA's? Check out our investment breakdown to help you understand

Easy home cures for bronchiolitis

Bronchiolitis can be quite unpleasant. Helen Foster finds out what you can do to help

Pregnancy Tools:


Baby Names & Meanings

Will it be Blue Ivy, Harper Seven, Buddy Bear...? Or perhaps your baby name idea might be more traditional?

Due Date

Are you desperate to know when your due date might be? See how your due date is worked out with this handy calculator

Am I Pregnant Quiz

Feeling a bit queasy? Wondering why you keep needing a wee? What about those strange crazy mood swings?



Common Pregnancy Concerns

Having a baby can be exhausting work that makes you feel increasingly tired, but what can you do about it?

The science of conception

Just in case you didn’t pay attention to how babies were made back in school, here’s the baby making low down

The 4th trimester: Life with a newborn

Whether you’re a first time mum or not, the more you know the better prepared you can be for life with your newborn

Gurgle TV:

This video offers the help you learn how you need to bath your newborn.

Category: Baby
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Kids interview famous athlete Mo Farah about health and nutrition.

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This video shows you how to correctly apply the right pressure for baby massage.

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Watch this video for help to settle your crying baby.

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Myleene Klass shares her favourites aspects of motherhood

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Watch the trailer of the latest animated movie, The House of Magic.

Category: Lifestyle
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The Mothercare app is free to download, aimed at busy mums and mums-to-be, it also features tools.

Category: Lifestyle
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Watch this classic early 1980s Morph episode, Pudding Time., who remembers it?

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For Child Safety Week Mothercare has teamed up with Good Morning Britain to raise awareness on car seat safety.

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Watch this video to find out how to change your baby's nappy correctly.

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Watch the trailer for the new Ratatouille attraction for Disneyland Paris this summer.

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Watch as baby Charlie Ray goes for a tour of the house in GoPro's commercial.

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How to help your child to enjoy food

If every meal turns into a battle, don't despair. Anjana Gosai reveals six savvy strategies that will help

Things you only notice when pregnant

Here are the twelve things that will happen to your body, that you’ll only notice once you are pregnant

Top tips on coping with morning sickness

Ginger tea, crisps, and chewing on ice cubes. Mums share their tips on coping with morning sickness during pregnancy



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Home & Travel:


Rose water and pistachio pavlova

Give into temptation and try this beautiful pavlova recipe from Amber Rose's cookbook Love Bake Nourish

Out of this world: Space and stars room

Take inspiration from outer space to create a bedroom perfect for both boys and girls. Follow our interiors guide

The Big Apple: New York with babies

If you get the chance to travel to New York with kids, find out how to make the most of exploring this vibrant city!