Grown from goodness; only the best for your little one

As a pioneer in the organic community, HiPP takes its responsibilities very seriously – which is why all of HiPP’s farming methods meet (and in many cases exceed) the requirements of the EU Organic Farming Regulations.


HIPP LOGO copyThat means all our seeds and seedlings come from organic nurseries, and the soil they grow in is enriched with organic fertilisers that support the natural balance between soil and plant life.

We never use chemically synthesized pesticides. Instead, we let nature do the work by enlisting birds, insects and other wildlife to reduce pests for us while promoting biodiversity – this philosophy carries through to every detail of our business. For instance, when we mow the grass at our home farm in Pfaffenhofen, we make sure to do it in the morning or afternoon, to protect our local population of bees (who are most active at midday).

HIPP PLANT copyWe take just as much care with the meat in our recipes: all our animals are provided with organic feed and all our poultry is free-range. At HiPP we go one step further; the origin of every one of our animals is thoroughly documented to ensure complete traceability.

Since the 1960s, we have worked hard to build a partner network of 8,000 organic farmers who believe in organic farming as much as we do. For example, our bananas have come from the same supplier in Costa Rica for the past 20 years. Their heirloom Gros Michel bananas are grown using natural methods that also provide habitat for an amazing number of other plants, animals and insects. The bananas themselves are second to none: intensely flavoured and with just the right natural sugar content to make into delicious foods for babies.


Elsewhere, we’ve carefully selected special fruit varieties that are very low in acid, to make our recipes easier for babies’ sensitive stomachs to digest. Also, our spinach is specially chosen to be low in nitrates, which can be harmful to babies in high doses.

If it sounds like we’re incredibly choosy – that’s because we are! We take pride in going the extra mile to make sure that every ingredient we produce is the best it can possibly be, both for our customers and for the environment.

HIPP BABYOf course, we know that simply growing the best ingredients isn’t enough – so we also put a huge amount of work into developing delicious ways to cook them. Once our recipes are approved, tested and tested again, the finished products go through more than 260 quality controls in a state-of-the-art laboratory before they are approved to carry the HiPP label.

HIPP PRODUCT copyFamily values and organic sustainable farming are at the very heart of HiPP Organic and after four generations, it matters to us that we’re still growing our own ingredients on our organic family farms. And you can be sure your family’s health and happiness are in safe hands with us too.

Visit the HiPP Organic website for information on the HiPP story.

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