How To Cope With a Crying Baby

How to cope with a crying baby

Keeping your cool when your baby won’t stop crying can be a big ask, especially after months of sleepless nights – it can push even the most patient parent to breaking point.

crying baby

Caroline Deacon, author of Babycalming (£9.99, Thorsons), advises responding promptly. Far from giving in or creating future problems, swift action helps reassure and soothe your baby. Try these NCT techniques.

  • Play music and dance around the room holding your baby. The rhythm can help snap them out of a screaming fit.
  • Play a little white noise courtesy of You Tube or the app store. The sound of static or a hairdryer often stills fretful babies.
  • Cradle them in a bath of warm water or take them out in the fresh air: a change of environment can work wonders.
  • Pass the baby to someone else. Many mums report dads and grandparents have the magic touch.
  • Most importantly, know when you’re on the edge. Babies can often tell if a caregiver is stressed or impatient and ramp up the crying in response. If you worry you may harm your baby, put them in a safe place, such as their cot, and take a break in another room. If you can, ask a trusted friend or family member to sit with them, then take time out from the house.

If it happens regularly ask for help from the charity Cry-sis: 08451 228 669 (


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