Your changing bag must-haves checklist


Forget your Mulberry, Gucci or Alexander McQueen handbags, when it comes to having a baby, your changing bag becomes the bag of choice.

An essential when you are out and about with baby, your changing bag provides that piece of mind that whether your baby decides to projectile vomit, need a complete change of clothes, ten nappy changes in a couple of hours, you have everything covered.

Here we provide a quick checklist for you to ensure when you have every eventuality covered when out and about with baby.

1. Plenty of spare nappies

2. Wipes

3. At least one complete change of clothes

4. Bibs

5. All your feeding equipment, milk dispensers, sterilised bottles and an extra feed (just in case you get stuck somewhere!)

6. Teething soothers (including dummies) if your baby may need them.

7. Changing mat (many changing bags include one)

8. Toys – your baby’s favourite toys in case emergency entertaining is needed!

9. Extra blanket if it is cold

10. Sun hat and sun cream through the summer

11. Muslin squares

12. Infant pain relief sachets.


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