labour birth

Want to prepare for your big day? Here's what you need to know


How to: pack a hospital bag

Confused about what to pack in your hospital bag? Don't be - we've got it covered

Where to give birth?

Home; hospital; birthing centre… What are your options when it comes to where to have your baby?

Your pain relief options during labour

What pain relief options will be available to Kate in labour? How do you choose your gas and air from your pethidine?

What does Braxton Hicks feel like?

Think you might be having Braxton Hicks contractions or could it be the onset of labour? Our guide explains it all

Past your due date? Jump start labour

Have you gone over your due date and want to get things moving? Here's how to jump start your way to natural labour

How to write your perfect birth plan

All women are encouraged to write a birth plan, so everyone involved can understand what kind of birth they want

When should I go in to hospital?

When is the right time to go into hospital once you’re in labour? Avoid being sent home with our helpful guide

What to pack in your labour bag

There's nothing quite like packing your hospital bag for focusing you on the imminent arrival of your baby

How to prepare for giving birth

Preparing to have a baby can throw up a lot of questions, but what do you really need to know?

What exactly happens during labour?

Am I in labour? What does labour feel like? Read our guide to find out exactly what’s going on during your labour

Your guide to assisted delivery

Your baby might need assistance when being born. Read our guide to find out more about assisted delivery

How to handle contractions in labour

What do contractions really feel like and how can you tell you're in labour? Could it be Braxton Hicks after all?


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