A Mum's Guide to the Maternity Ward


It's not exactly Carry On Matron, but being on a postnatal ward can have its comedy moments. Returning inmate Lizzie Catt shares her top survival tips 



Bays on the ward are surprisingly different. The two cubicles by the window are The Ritz, bathed in natural light, with a whiff of fresh air and unrivalled views over the car park. The next two are solid Premier Inn, and the ones at the back – let’s just say they wouldn’t do well on TripAdvisor. And boy, is it hot.


Cotton pyjama bottoms and a strappy vest – don’t bring your snuggly trackie pants. An extra pillow from home is a little luxury, and don’t forget flip-flops – hospital floors are no fun in bare feet.


If you’re in for a few
days and in one of the pokey bays at the back, there’s no harm in asking to be moved next to a window if a cubicle becomes free.



If you like eating aeroplane food at 11am and 5pm, you’re in luck! Also, not having to think about cooking is a luxury – and hospital kitchens have a tendency to knock out a lot of ice cream and custard.


Snacks from naughty to nice, sweet to savoury, to pop in your beside locker so you can eat when you want to. Fruit is welcome when you want to freshen up a bit.


The dinner lady is your new best friend. Extra custard, anyone? 


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