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Phil & Summer Infant Baby Touch

In a Nutshell
This premium model not only offers live video of your sleepy cherub, it also enables you to pan or tilt the camera via the remote so that junior
stays in view, even after rolling into a corner of the cot.

Like its Samsung rival, the parent unit has a 3.5in screen that can be connected to a TV and the camera will switch to infrared mode in low light. Summer Infant ups the ante, though, by offering a visual sound-meter and allowing you to turn off the video to conserve battery life.   

This model outguns the Samsung in most respects; the video feed was clearer and the audio was pretty good, too, only beaten by the BT. It feels better quality, with a metal kick-stand and no aerial protruding from the parent unit. The battery is said to last a decent ten hours.    

Wow Factor
As if a night-vision video feed of your child wasn’t enough, the highly adjustable camera is a huge boon. You will be showing this off for sure.  

With both video monitors, range was curtailed to around 20m indoors, but the Summer Infant did manage to eke a few metres further by switching to audio only. It doesn’t offer lullabies. 


Reviewed by Alex Pell

summer infant 


Phil & Summer Infant Baby Touch

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