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Jane Exo

In a Nutshell
Like its Britax rival, this is 
an Isofix model designed 
to work in tandem with 
a top tether. It can, however, 
also be used with a support 
leg (£120 extra), or in purely seatbelt mode.

The array of fancy technology on offer here includes a pneumatic shock-absorber. The Exo is a safe choice, albeit not as good 
as the Britax, and it performs better if used in its Isofix mode.

The headrest, harness 
and crotch strap all adjust simultaneously at the press 
of a button. However, the cover is fiddly to whip off and 
the straps are rather 
a faff to deal with every day.

Wow Factor
This seat is so high-tech that it is supplied with batteries to power the electronic warning system – it gives you a handy beep,
as well as a visual alert if it 
isn’t installed correctly. 

The finish quality of the 
Exo should be far lusher 
given its premium pricing. 
At around 13kg, this seat is 
both heavy and fairly chunky 
to hump about, should you 
need to do so.

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Jane Exo

Groups 1 (9mths-3.5yrs)

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