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Life seems easier, breezier and more in control when everything is boxed, bagged and stacked into order, says Lucy Ryder Richardson

Our kids’ stuff needs organising with military precision post-Christmas, so there’s no better time to get a grip than now. For those after a show-stopping storage piece that will last through childhood and beyond, how about the space-agey Kids Bunk pod by IO Kids Design? With sleep, shelf and desk space taken into account, it makes keeping things tidy, easy and logical. Lift the top off the bottom to create two beds, and simply pull the desk away to make it stand alone. Designer Mina Panic came up with the idea with her own daughter’s growing needs in mind. Intelligent, stylish and fun – it’s just what good kids’ design is all about.

Advanced IO Bunk Pod, £2,350,

lego storage

Bright sparks

Vibrant colours spell excitement for children, and nowhere do they want this more than the place they love to show off to family and friends – their bedroom. But beware too much colour and too many prints as this can overstimulate little brains. Much better to restrict hot colours to a single area, or simply choose bright accessories to add interest to an otherwise plain background.

Lego storage box

playkit storage

Using colour

‘If your little ones share a room, then give them their own special space, even if it’s just a drawer. It’ll help teach them to look after their own things and respect each other’s space.’ Julie Koorn, mum of two.

Playkit storage, £20,

rose and grey storage


Us Brits are a nostalgic bunch and nothing ignites the warm glow of childhood more than a rummage around a vintage emporium on a damp Sunday afternoon. Designers and retailers have taken note of this love affair and nowadays you can pick up all sorts of retro-inspired bits and bobs for the home, anywhere from Cath Kidston to John Lewis. Reclaim-inspired storage works particularly well for children. Well face it, the damage has already been done.

Wooden storage boxes, £55,

oldcinema storage

Salvage style

If you can’t resist a bit of vintage or reclaim, then check out Lucy Ryder Richardson's website for upcoming events.

Mid-century Painted star chest, £275,

kidsen storage

Scandi style

Scandinavians are used to long winters and plenty of fresh snow, which probably helps explain why their interiors are infused with so much white. To recreate the look at home, go for clean, minimalist
lines and a pale palette, before injecting a splash of hot colour to add a bit of your child’s personality.

Sebra bookcase, £240,

pkolino storage

Box it up

‘The Scandinavians seem to have a knack of coming up with simple, almost childlike shapes that not only look good, but also solve problems like where to stash stuff.’ Eleanor, mum to Max.

P'Kolino storage box, £69.99,


Written by Lucy Ryder Richardson

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