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The weather is finally good enough (well some days!) to dust off the barbeque and get the fire going for some great summer alfresco dining. And no British BBQ is complete without a classic burger so we enlist the help of TGI Friday's burger expert Terry McDowell to give you his top burger BBQ-ing tips.

Terry has earned the title of 'expert' as he has travelled 100,000 miles around the world, sampling over 300 burgers and who has just developed TGI Friday's new range of burgers and he offers his top tips for the perfect BBQ burger.

1. Pick good patty meat

A burger is only as good as the patty you are using. Cheap patties contain a lot of water and will shrink very quickly on the BBQ. Use a quality patty – your local butcher is a great option.

2. Get the right mixture

If you're making a patty from scratch, a mixture of chuck and brisket is the ideal combination for flavour and texture – and don't 'pack' the burgers too tightly to avoid additional toughness.

3. Secret ingredient

There is a secret ingredient to a great BBQ burger – and once you try it, you will never look back. Lightly brush the burgers with some Bovril before cooking. It adds an extra taste element called 'umami' – the fifth taste after salt, sweet, sour and bitter. It really makes all the difference.

4. Bring the flavour to life

Once cooked, add a pinch of salt to the patty – it helps bring the burger's natural flavours to life.

5. Don't forget the cheese

Add the cheese to the burger while the burger is cooking – it will melt into the patty and intensify the flavour.

6. Only flip once

Only flip the burgers once – this allows each side to form a tasty, caramelised outer layer.

7. Ensure it's cooked evenly

When you do flip them, move to a different part of the grill. Some areas are likely to be hotter than others – this will make sure all burgers are cooked evenly.

8. Tip for bacon fans

If you're a fan of adding bacon, use streaky and cook until extra crispy. This ads both an extra texture and more flavour.

9. Toast the bun

Toast the buns – it stops them getting too soggy and is a nice sturdy base for your burger.

10. The perfect relish

There is no substitute for a homemade burger relish.

Here's a quick and easy recipe:
* 200ml mayonnaise
* 75ml ketchup
* 50ml American mustard
* 50 grams finely chopped gherkins

If you don't fancy making your own, you could always pop into your local TGI Friday's and try one of Terry's burgers.

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