Healthy, nutritious and fun, they're the perfect start to the day for your busy tot

Bright and early in the morning, your little one is up and ready for a busy day ahead. He's also hungry for breakfast. It's so important to give him a healthy, nutritious start to the day so he can spend the morning exploring the world. Ella's Kitchen new Wakey Wakey Range is the perfect choice as they know that children eat with all their senses. Taste is just one factor – texture, and the feel of food are also important to get little one's munching healthy food. Try waking up your toddler's senses with Ella's Kitchen Round Ones cereal, designed to encourage the chewing action in toddlers from age one. The Round Ones are packed with organic multigrains but have no refined sugar.

The range also includes deeelicious porridges in handy, resealable pouches – you just need to add milk! Ella's Kitchen use real fruit, not concentrates so they taste natural and fruity – you could make them even fruitier by mixing in an Ella's First Tastes pouch for even more variety. Good mornings start with a Wakey Wakey from Ella's Kitchen.





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