Description: God has been gracious: has shown favor. Based on John or Jacques.

The Creator and ruler of all. The object of worship in monotheistic religions. The origin of God is translated from many different i.e. German gott, Gothic guth and each word originates from Hebrew or Greek words for 'God'; It is a middle English, old English word; other words related to God are divinity, idol, immortal.

Origin: English

English comes from medieval origins. England was made from many Germanic tribes such as Saxon's, Jutes and Angles. Today the English inhabit England with English as their main language. English names were originally from a mix of Latin, Old English, Hebrew And German such as David and Jessica.Perhaps you

Celebrities with the name Jack: Jack Black, Jack Johnson, Jack Lemmon, Jack McCollough, Jack Nicholson, Jack Osbourne, Jackie Chan, Jackson Rathbone, Jackson Scott

Similar names to Jack: Jackeline, Jacki, Jackie, Jackleen

Gender: Jack is normally a boys name.

Pronunciation: Jack is pronounced: j AE k

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