A chat with Daddy Pig

A chat with Daddy Pig

When it comes to any skill, Daddy Pig has got the chops.

 a chat with daddy pig

What's it like to live in the Peppa Pig household?

Wonderful! There’s always a lot of snorting and laughing in our house. There’s never a dull moment!

What’s your favourite bedtime story to read to Peppa Pig and George?

I find that The Wonderful World of Concrete has them falling asleep within seconds, but they seem to enjoy the tales of Red Monkey. Personally, I find concrete infinitely more interesting.

BBQs have been a bit of a disaster for Daddy Pig in the past, but what’s your favourite meal to cook for the family?

I’ve been known to flip a pretty good pancake!

What do you think it takes to be a good Daddy Pig?

Patience, a sense of humour and lots of cuddles!

You’re an expert at a lot of things, but is there anything you’re not so brilliant at?

Yes, actually! While I know more than most about a lot of things, I’m useless at the finer details of high-energy nuclear fusion reactions where two lighter atomic nuclei fuse to form a heavier nucleus.

Do you have any words of wisdom you can share with us?

If you jump in muddy puddles, you must wear your boots!


Daddy Pig’s Words of Wisdom (£5.99, Ladybird) is out now.


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