How well did you sleep during pregnancy? Pregnancy-sleep-280

According to new research, 96% of women would answer, "not well" to that question.

The research carried out by Dreamgenii Ltd shows that 96% of women experience sleep-related problems during pregnancy.

Dreamgenii, conducted research in December 2013, surveying women who were currently pregnant or had been pregnant in the past, to discover some of the sleep issues that they face when pregnant.

They found that the majority of women (54%) start experiencing problems sleeping from between 18 weeks and 24 weeks, although a significant number (18%) experience problems later – at 30 weeks.

Two thirds of the women surveyed use a specially-designed pregnancy pillow to help them sleep.

Did you struggle to sleep when pregnant? What helped you get through the night? Share your tips with other mums in our forum, via Facebook or Twitter.


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