Three-parent babies: What do you think? three-parent-families-280

You would have to be living in a parallel universe to have missed the news this week that allowing the IVF technique for three-parent babies got the go head in Parliament.

Three-parent babies could be born in the UK as early as next year, following MPs vote to change the law to allow the new controversial IVF technique.

After winning a majority vote in Parliament, doctors in Britain will, for the first time, be allowed to use the DNA of a 'second mother' into one IVF embryo to help prevent babies at risk of mitochondrial diseases. Mitochondrial donation will not only modify the human genetic make-up of the IVF babies created by the process, but also of future generations of children within those families.

The DNA for mitochondria - tiny compartments within cells which unlock the energy from food - is passed from mothers to children, so a donor woman's mitochondria might stop the disease.

The news has created a huge ethical debate about whether this should be allowed.

What do you think? We want to hear your views in our forum.

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