Is sitting for long periods bad for baby?

We all need a bit of antenatal R&R, but staying active is just as important for your mental and physical health

Pregnant woman sitting

Are you sitting comfortably? Of course when you're pregnant R&R is required, but sitting for long periods of time could have negative consequences for your physical and mental wellbeing – and your baby.

Research by Warwick Medical School found that mums who regularly spent more than six hours a day sitting down during the second trimester of their pregnancy gained more weight during their pregnancies and had a higher risk of gestational diabetes.

Women who had experienced symptoms of depression were also more likely to stay seated for longer periods of time and didn't exercise as much during their pregnancies – leading to the same weight and diabetes problems and therefore possible birth complications.

So while you should rest and relax during your pregnancy, a bit of get up and go could help you just as much, such as going for the occasional walk and making sure you're not sitting for long periods of time without a break.

It's just as important to stay active during your pregnancy for both your physical and mental health; it can really help relieve stress and anxiety and improve your sleep. Check out our guides to pregnancy yoga and the modern rules to pregnancy exercise.

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