Jenni's favourite active tot activities

Missed our Twitter Q&A with Jenni Falconer? Never mind, check out her favourite activities you can do with your tots at home


As well as a travel reporter for This Morning, a presenter on Heart radio and a brand ambassador for EasiYo yoghurt, Jenni Falconer also designed her own sportswear range for Debenhams, XPG by Jenni Falconer. A regular marathon runner and mum to Ella, four, she answered your questions about keeping fit and healthy as a busy mum.

Here are her favourite active activities to do with tots:

"We always go to the park on weekends, my daughter loves it. She loves hiding behind trees and wearing wellies is so exciting for her. And we take the dog - he enjoys it, too! Never underestimate the power of a simple walk in the woods or the park; it's free and always a massive hit.

"We make a list of things we have to find in the park, like a kind of DIY treasure hunt. We go to the park, armed with our list, and tick them off as we go. It can be anything from an orange leaf, a crisp packet or a can of Coke to someone wearing a yellow coat or a boy on a scooter. The prize for the winner who ticks off the most things is usually an ice cream from the ice cream van. Although I think he's moved on from our park now, so I'm going to have to think of an alternative prize!

"We put Heart on (I know I'm biased as I work there) and dance. Mark Wright has a club classics show on Friday and Saturday and if we're having a night in, we all dance round the kitchen to the 90s anthems. Ella found it hilarious when we were singing along to Rhythm is a Dancer..."

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