The top baby names in Scotland 2015

Which names are on the up, and which boys name is top of the charts for the eighth year running?


If you're thinking about naming your little one Leo, Brodie, Georgie, Rosie or Harrison - or have already - they'll be in good company up north. Leo leapt 11 spots up the leaderboard to take 13th place, while Jacob climbed up 9 spots to just squeeze into the top 10 baby names in Scotland this year.

Emily, Sophie, Olivia and Isla were the most popular names for girls in that order - again. And Jack and Emily are the most popular baby names in Scotland, nabbing the no.1 spot once again.

We wonder if there was anything in the Star Wars re-boot to explain the rise in Harrisons, Lukes and Leias?


Scotland's most popular baby names 2015:



1. Emily

Meaning: Industrious, or rival

2. Sophie

Meaning: Wisdom

3. Olivia

Meaning: Olive

4. Isla

Meaning: Island

5. Ava

Variant of medieval given names Avis and Aveline

6. Jessica

Meaning: Rich

7. Amelia

Meaning: Beautiful

8. Ella

Meaning: Light

9. Lucy

Meaning: Light, or illumination

10. Lily

Like the flower



1. Jack

Meaning: God has been gracious, or shown favour

2. Oliver

Meaning: The olive tree. The biblical olive tree symbolizes fruitfulness and beauty and dignity. Extending an olive branch signifies an offer of peace.

3. James

Meaning: Supplanter

4. Lewis

Meaning: Warrior

5. Alexander

Meaning: To defend

6. Charlie

Variant of Charles

7. Logan

Meaning: Finnian's servant

8. Lucas

A form of Luke, meaning: light, or illumination

9. Harris

Meaning: Son of Harry

=10. Daniel

Meaning: God is my judge

=10. Finlay

Meaning: Fair hero

=10. Jacob

Meaning: Supplanter

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