Let’s hear it for the dads!

When Reuben Eboh choked, his dad Ugo came to the rescue with super-dad first aid skills.

Red Cross hear it for the dads

This Father’s Day, Reuben will be celebrating his dad’s fast actions. Here’s his story:

“I was changing my son Reuben’s nappy,” Ugo Eboh explains. “But what I hadn’t realised was that he was still holding on to a twenty pence piece my brother had given him as pocket money earlier that day.

“I looked away for a second to get hold of his new nappy, and when I turned back I could see something inside his mouth.

“He’d been talking to me before this, but suddenly he stopped talking and started to choke.

“I picked him up and turned him on his front, and hit him sharply on his back. After I’d hit him on his back a couple of times, the twenty pence piece came out. It had all happened so quickly.

“I would definitely recommend that parents learn first aid. The experience highlighted to me that it doesn’t matter how prepared and cautious you are, with children you need to be ready to deal with first aid scenarios at the drop of a hat.”

To find out how to help a baby who is choking, click here.

This Father’s Day is the perfect time to help dads and dads-to-be learn first aid. The British Red Cross First aid for baby and child course, available at more than 50 venues around the UK from £45 per person, will leave dad confident that he could help his baby or child in a first aid emergency. Find out more here.

Don’t forget that Gurgle readers can get £5 off a First aid for baby and child course – see this month’s issue for details.

Photo: Bob Collier

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