Channel 4's new series needs parents with troublesome tots...

Kathryn Mewes

Do you have a troublesome tot? Have you tried all the obvious 'routies' and 'naughty steps' and your little one is still being a terror?

Perhaps Kathryn Mewes, author of The Three day Nanny, can help.. Kathryn has been practicing childcare for over 20 years and was originally trained as a Norland nanny. After 14 years, she branched out alone and now works with families by going into their home for three days and nights and helping them tackle whatever issues they might have, in a bespoke way.

Channel 4 are launching a new series, due for our screens in August, where Kathryn will spend three days and nights with families who are having issues with behaviour, mealtimes,  bedtimes, or are maybe feeling disconnected from their children. Whatever the issue, Kathryn will try to help resolve the problem.

If anyone would like to learn more about the series then they can get in touch with the team by emailing or call 0207 598 7326.

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