'Me' time, how much do you manage a day?


'Me' time, so what's that then?

We all crave it but how much do we actually get?

New statistics from weight management company Ideal Weight, based on a survey of more than 1,000 women, say not a lot!

The survey found over a quarter (28%) of mums get less than an hour of 'me' time a week during the summer break – equivalent to just eight minutes a day!

A massive 59% cited the lack of 'me' time to running around and clearing up after the kids, think we can all empathise with that one!

The survey also found 14% of mums saying they had stopped exercising because of looking after the children.

The virtues of looking good to feel good have been found to ring true with UK mums as nearly two thirds (63%) hold looking good for themselves of highest importance when it comes to losing weight.

The research also highlighted that, contrary to popular belief, 27% of mums are no longer admiring celebrity bodies. Nevertheless, new mum Duchess of Cambridge, who has been praised for her healthy approach to weight loss post-pregnancy, comes out on top of a poll of celebrity bodies we admire with nearly a quarter (21%) saying they would like her figure.

Ideal Weight is inviting parents across the UK to join the conversation on Twitter and discuss getting #backtometime now the children are back at school.

Find out more at idealweight.co.uk.

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