Are there exercises to help pregnancy back pain?

Our fitness expert shares her top tips for stretching out pregnancy back pain and positioning your baby


I’m 32 weeks pregnant and my back is killing me – by the end of the day I even find it difficult to walk. Can you suggest exercises to help strengthen it?

This back stretch will help and is also beneficial for positioning your baby, who may be the cause of your pain.

  1. Start on your hands and knees, with your hands under your shoulders, knees under hips and head in line with your spine. Breathe in and push your back
    up so it’s slightly rounded.
  2. Exhale and relax your back so it’s straight again – don’t let it dip or arch it as people tend to in a similar yoga stretch. Do this 10-12 times daily, at any time.

Also try sitting on a large fitness ball and practise drawing your belly button in, while keeping your ribcage and shoulders relaxed. When you sit, always have your ribcage over your spine. I’d also recommend asking your GP or midwife to check your baby’s position, and to check for diastasis recti. This occurs during pregnancy when the front muscles of your abdomen separate down the middle, compromising your core stability and leading to backache.

Vicky Warr


Vicky Warr is a fitness expert who specialises in pregnancy and postnatal fitness. Got a question for the panel? Email

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