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Jools Oliver's Blog - Exclusive to gurgle


Jools Oliver's blog: Mid-terms

As well as celebrating Jamie’s 40th and helping the girls revise, Jools has been learning first aid

Jools Oliver's blog: The birthday girls

Jools has been busy creating three birthday crowns, an Easter bonnet, and a shoot for Little Bird’s new collection

Jools Oliver's blog: Nostalgic look

Despite being into January, Jools can't help looking back on the hectic Oliver family Christmas

Jools Oliver's blog: Family feastival

The family enjoy a fun day out at Jamie's Feastival, where Jools sold her Little Bird collection

Jools Oliver's blog: Family summer

Jools enjoyed the summer but was excited for September's Little Bird news

Jools Oliver's blog: A piece of cake

Jools shows Jamie a thing or two about baking and the family look forward to the summer holidays ahead

Jools Oliver's blog: Here comes summer

Jools and the girls are getting prepared for sports day while poor Buddy is still recovering from Easter!

Jools Oliver's blog: Easter time is here

Jools has been knee-deep in yellow ribbon and polystyrene eggs as she created Easter Bonnets

Jools Oliver's blog: Heading to spring

The Oliver household was filled with romance on Valentine's Day, and Jools is looking forward to the Easter Holidays

Jools Oliver's blog: Family festive fun

Catch up with all the behind the scenes Christmas festivities in the Oliver household in Jools Oliver's latest blog

Jools Oliver's blog: Warm this winter

Winter antics from the Oliver household as Jools shares the family's firework adventure and gets ready for Christmas

Jools Oliver's blog: Family Halloween

Jools shares all the fun and excitement of half term and Halloween cakes, pumpkins and outfits in the Oliver household


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