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It's been a very busy month! Jools has been knee-deep in yellow ribbon and polystyrene eggs as she created fabulous Easter Bonnets, has survived two of the girls' birthday parties, and now can't wait to start shooting the new Little Bird Autumn Winter '14 collection.

Yippee! We've made it through March possibly one of the busiest months on the school calendar! Although I can't deny that it's been fun. I have just come up from underneath a mountain of yellow ribbon, fluffy chicks, heaps of straw and polystyrene painted eggs!

It's Easter bonnet time! Little Petal's first Easter parade at school and Daisy's last before she heads off to 'big school'! So sweet, and as class rep, myself and my fellow rep Natalie, get to hide the Easter eggs for the girls' treasure hunt. We are stupidly excited to see their little faces as they charge around the playground eagerly looking for them!

Well, I also survived the birthday parties which were fab! Buds seemed to cope very nicely with 20 girls, night after night, screaming to One Direction and dancing around like princesses. And with Pops he managed to charm all her friends with a flower he picked each of them from the garden - I think his dad should take note!

So wonderful to see spring finally pushing through whilst I write this. I am sitting crossed legged at the athletics track watching Daisy do her training, the sun just about to set, bathed in a beautiful light, so different from a few weeks ago when I reluctantly pulled on the Uggs, and all you could see of me were my eyes!

You can tell the days are getting warmer purely by the choice of Petal's outfits. An adamant stylist, she paraded into the kitchen on Saturday in shorts, Buddy's braces, and our Little Bird print t-shirt, pink cardi, and to top it off, the Little Bird retro inspired knee high socks - a bit kooky but I loved it! And a little bit of inspiration for our next Little Bird collection!

Talking of which we are getting prepared to shoot the Little Bird Autumn '14 collection so we are thinking and looking at locations. Now I can't wait to see the little models running about in the new collection - that's when it always becomes so real.

So with just a few days left of school, and a couple more girls' birthday parties to contend with, I very much look forward to spending some quality time with the kids and our chocolate Easter eggs!

Happy Easter!

Lots of love Jools xxxx

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