Jools Oliver's blog: A piece of cake

Jools Oliver's blog: A piece of cake

The Oliver household are looking forward to the end of a very busy school term. Jools is celebrating baking an award winning cake, and dreaming of victory in the Mum's Sports Day race.

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The term as usual has just flown by, and it's just under two weeks until they all break up, when we can all breathe out, and hopefully finally relax!!!

As with last year, there is the obligatory emotional upheaval of Daisyboo now leaving her lovely junior school and heading across the road to the considerably larger senior school. I have my tissues stacked and stashed ready for all the assemblies, concerts, sports days and leavers' teas!

On the positive side it will be so wonderful to have the older girls together again sharing their school life (although Pop has given Daisy strict instructions to not hang around her and her mates too much, or scream her name across the playing fields whilst dashing across to give her for a huge bear hug ... apparently.... errr....'not cool'!

But of course this does leave little Petal on her own now, without Daisy. It has been so wonderful listening to Daisy tell me all about Petal's day, from the food she eats, or more often doesn't, to the friends she plays with. And more importantly, if she is all on her own on the friendship bench Daisy will scoop her up and play with her. Nothing really beats sibling protection and love, and for that I feel very blessed.

All is not quiet on the Buddy front either. He is set to leave his nursery, and well go to another nursery for a year! Secretly I'm very happy as I still get to have Buds most of the week and every afternoon, which I am going to make the most of before I turn around and he will be wearing his blazer and carrying his satchel to school!

In other news, I am extremely proud to announce that I came first in the international cake competition last Saturday, held in my lovely mother in law's garden in Essex! By International I mean we were celebrating the arrival of Jamie's cousin's new husband and family from Germany and the judge was my husband!

But I am not going to take anything away from the fact that frankly I did such a fab cake! I completely surprised myself, and Jamie for that matter, and I promise there was no bribery involved!

Meanwhile in Little Bird news....

We are so excited to announce that Little Bird is growing up!!!!! We listened to all your feedback and we are now extending the size range to age 8! The new Autumn collection will be in stores in a few weeks so if you think you have grown out of Little Bird, think again!

Also we had a great meeting recently looking at samples for the Winter 14 collection. Where, without giving too much away, we have some really cute unisex jackets and some real classics that will really take you back if you were a child of the 80s - my most revered decade! So it's the eve of sports day today and I am even secretly brimming with excitement on my behalf, and a few little nerves for the girls, praying for beautiful sunshine and first place in the annual mums' race!!! What with my cake , a double win would be a fab way to round off the summer term! Bring on the medals!


Lots of love Jools xxxx

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