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Wow, Little Bird is now in Mothercare stores TODAY!

My heart is beating in anticipation as I write this and I can't quite believe two years of creating, designing and discussing have finally lead us to our 17th August launch day. I know that everyone involved has worked so hard to get to this point and I am just a small part of this fantastic Mothercare team.

I’m feeling really proud and nervous at this point but so excited to see what you all think!!

Luckily it's been really busy here at Oliver HQ so not much time to get too worked up about the launch. The girls broke up from school and we went straight to Cornwall - a lovely way to start the school hols. OK, it rained every day but the girls and Jamie and I managed to surf every day which was fantastic and so much fun. Daisy even learnt to do a head stand on the board whilst riding in to shore what a cool little dude!!!

It's all whizzing by way too fast. Love having the girls around, they really make me laugh not to mention how amazing they are as mini helpers with the little ones. Pops has such a great imagination that she keeps Petal captivated for hours and as Daisy likes all things sporty she entertains Buds no end with Olympic gymnastics and races!!!

In between our crazy hectic summer I have been up to London for our monthly meeting, this time brainstorming our Spring Summer 2013 collection and I can honestly say I think it's going to be awesome! Really strong retro inspired colours and cuts. I think you may recognise some of the pieces of the collection from your own childhood as there is a very nostalgic feel to the next collection. I can't wait to reveal all soon…

Fingers crossed all will go well on Friday. I’m Looking forward to actually finally buying some pieces for Petal and Buds!!

My next post will be news from the launch – fingers crossed everyone…

Much love Jools xxx

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