Jools Oliver's blog: Buddy's birthday

Jools Oliver's blog: Buddy's birthday

It's been busy in the Oliver household. The children are back at school and Jools is braving the school run. While little Buds turned three, with a special Pirate themed celebration, organised by his big sisters!

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It feels like a lifetime ago, but it's actually just three weeks! But the summer now feels officially over and I am happily in my autumn knits (although with the mild weather I am generally sweating by school pick up times) and my mind is ever so secretly thinking about plans for Christmas!!! I do emphasise, secretly!

I feel like we headed into the new school term with a bang, and I am quite frankly still a little shell shocked! I didn't realise quite what a wrench it would be for Pops to go into senior school coupled with little Petal in reception. On the daily school run I am still managing to hold Pops' hand right up to the school gates, as she very subtly and gently pulls her hand away as she dashes towards her friends, often with my voice trailing off, with the once reciprocated 'I love you"! And then I drop Petal off and have her sob in to my running leggings and beg for me to stay, only for me to have her peeled off moments later! This all leaves me quite drained by the time I reach my car, these barrage of emotions, all before 9am, can't be healthy!

I have to admit with Buds at nursery three mornings a week, sometimes the house feels so empty and quiet, I still haven't quite got used to being child free for this amount of time! I often find myself staring into space, or out the window, and frankly it's bliss to just have that ten minute switch off time! I wish sometimes my afternoons would echo, just a smidgen of the mornings, because by 4.30 it's general carnage again!

Of course this spare time isn't being wasted with more design meetings for Little Bird, as we are now hurtling into Autumn Winter 2014. Still with Spring Summer 2014 to shoot, at least we are gathering our ideas, inspirations and colour palettes under our belt so we are fully prepared! We are looking now at our key, almost signature pieces of clothing that you guys seem to love, and keep asking for season after season and updating, changing the colours and pattern so it becomes a new and fresh item but with all the design which is so important to Little Bird.

I can never seem to get Buds out of his rainbow gilet so it will be exciting to get stuck into designing an updated new version!

Talking of updated versions, little dude Buds turned three last week. It was so cute. As he is still a little young to have real proper mates from nursery, we decided on a family party. I bribed the girls with extra chocolate footballs if they orchestrated a little party for him - party games, the lot! They loved it. From decorating the kitchen the night before, to filling the pirate treasure piñata with goodies! I was on crown duty and dad was instructed to make Buds' favourite lunch of fish pie! I have never seen so much Spiderman bunting in all my life, still the novelty of having a little boy has yet to wear off!

I am so relieved to still have Buds not in full time school yet, as the days we have off together are so fun and precious. I am still willing time to slow down just a little bit more! It's such a shame that now Petal is in full time school I don't get to dress her daily in bits and pieces from Little Bird.

Everyday was like a mini fashion show. She insisted on wearing something different, while I was dying to just put her in leggings and a t-shirt! But she loved the flippy colourful skirts and soft cardigans, and the amount of paint and embedded play dough I would scrub off daily was ridiculous! However, she is not so enthusiastic about putting on her uniform of 'brown' pinafore - funny that!

So with an added extra little person needing help with their homework the crazy hours are about to commence. Wish me luck, as I am already struggling with Daisy's maths and don't get me started on the Latin!!!!


Lots of love Jools xxx

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