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I can't believe (my usual opening line!) that we are finished with our first half term in the new school year!! We were all so ready for it, and autumn being my absolute favourite time of the year. It's just the beautiful colours, the ever so slighter, duskier, evening and the possibility that the Argos Christmas advert might just pop up during X Factor!

Oh, and not to forget Strictly Come Dancing starts, and the general flicking of the remote from all of us, between X Factor, or the sequinned dance off show. Strictly always wins....!

The girls have been counting down the days till Halloween since August. I always assume Bud has been, but basically he just goes along with the masses, I am not even sure he knows what he is getting excited about!

In Essex, our pumpkin patch has doubled in size, it's so fantastic. A stunning array of colours, entwined through thick green stalks. They all have their own one picked out, ready for carving in the half term.

I think we were all ready for a break this first half of the term as it's been crazy. I basically (as many people told me would happen) turned in to a taxi service for all four of them; there's choir, netball, play dates and parents' evenings. I even found myself last week attending a maths lesson for parents in need of a little update on how maths is taught today. It was like being transported back to my youth.

I went with my friend Amanda and we were craning our necks to copy the astute looking dad's work on the next table. However, this time we were problem solving with a glass of wine, so a lot more bearable!

So with school stuff out the way it was time to get stuck in to costume making and bunting hanging. Of course each child wants a different outfit, so this time for Buds it's a bat... man! I easily found all the gear for the costume in a party shop and embellished with a few bits on the day.

Petal wants to be a fairy witch, go figure! And Pops, a witch in homage to one of her favourite books, 'The Worst Witch'. Daisy wanted to be a scary dustbin...... not so easy, a bit like last year's creation of a scary box!

The Mothercare team and I have been working hard designing the Autumn and Winter 2014 collections , it's so crazy to be thinking an entire year ahead because the Winter 2013 collection of Little Bird has only just arrived in stores! It is always so exciting to see people buying Little Bird, and even more exciting to see someone actually wearing it! Please keep posting your pictures on instagram as I love seeing them!

We are also about to shoot the Spring '14 campaign so I am busy searching for fab locations and casting cute models. I have learnt that it is all about juggling four seasons at once, as well as four children!

Well it's time to face the mountain of homework stacked up on the kitchen table. A little bit of Latin, Maths, French and a poster or two!

This is for Pops and Daisy to do, not me I hasten to add.... now where's my glass of wine!

Lots of love Jools xxxx

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