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When dad-to-be Ben Raybould casually dropped in on a baby first aid seminar, he had no idea it would end up saving his little boy's life.

Ben's story...

When my girlfriend and I discovered she was pregnant, we became regular visitors to Mothercare, where we first saw Gurgle magazine and read about British Red Cross first aid courses for parents in it.

When they held a special evening at our local store for expectant parents, we popped along and saw the British Red Cross there, giving a first aid course taster – including showing us how to resuscitate a baby. We enjoyed ourselves, but thought nothing more of it.

When Eddie Jean was born, it quickly became clear that all was not well. He had a rare congenital heart defect, and needed open heart surgery when he was only five days old. It was traumatic, and when he was allowed home after a few weeks it was the most amazing day of our lives. But four weeks later, Eddie woke with a loud cry and we immediately knew something was seriously wrong. Within two minutes he had stopped breathing and turned blue.

While my partner called an ambulance, I started resuscitating Eddie, remembering word for word the Red Cross instructions. To my utter relief, it worked. Eddie started breathing and was rushed back to hospital. We were told our son had suffered an angina attack, and that if it hadn't been for our intervention he would no longer be with us.

He has needed two more operations, and other interventions too – but he's still here. I'm so grateful to the Red Cross for helping me save my son's life. I really hope they continue to offer baby first aid sessions at Mothercare stores. Without them, my son might not be with us now.

To book onto a Red Cross First Aid for Baby and Child course click here. You can also find out what to do if your baby was unconscious and not breathing by clicking here.

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