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Weaning your little one is just the next step in the great big adventure of being a parent. It can be fun, enjoyable, messy or even stressful. But when you find something your little one loves to eat, there are smiles all round.

Being able to choose from a wide variety of flavours is really important, helping to make the experience more exciting for both little ones and their mums.

The HiPP test

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HiPP Organic has just such a wide range of flavours – and packaged in handy
pouches too. But they wanted to put the range to the ultimate test – sending them out to Gurgle readers and their little ones to taste and report back. So they invited you to apply to do the taste test.

More than 3,000 Gurgle mums and dads applied, and 200 of you were sent a bumper box with a two-week supply of pouches for your little one to sample, and a survey so you could let us know what you – and your baby gourmet! – thought. And let us know you did!


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A big thank you to all our wonderful Hipp Organic taste testers!

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Click Here to see more taste test pictures


A big thank you to all our wonderful Hipp Organic taste testers!



Click Here to see taste test videos

Over 90% of mums who took part in the test said:

  • Their baby enjoyed the taste of the pouches.
  • They’ll continue to buy their babies’favourites from the shops.
  • They’d recommend HiPP Organic pouches to other mums.

Don’t just take our word for it – here are some of the comments made by the testers themselves:

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Babies' favourite flavours included:



  • Peach, Mango and Banana with yogurt
  • Potatoes, Carrots and Beef
  • Bananas and Baby Rice
  • Hearty Vegetable, Pork and Apple Casserole

 Find out more about the HiPP Organic pouch range at the HiPP Organic website.

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