50 Best Things for Baby: Part One

best for baby

Want to know the top tips, tricks and facts to help your baby thrive? Rebecca Howard Dennis reveals all, starting with the first six months


Experts are agreed – one of the most beneficial things parents can do for their babies is to teach them the difference between day and night as soon as possible. Do this by differing their daytime nap and bedtime routines – when it’s bedtime, start with a pre-bed bath, change them into nightclothes then feed them in the room where they will sleep, which should be considerably darker at night.


More research shows that children who had a lot of contact with fathers in the first year did better in almost every way. The thousands of babies studied were followed into adulthood and those who were closely involved with father figures achieved higher levels of education, had more close friends of both sexes and a greater respect for authority.

‘Watch the baby, not the clock,’ says Penelope, who believes the process of settling a baby into the rhythms of daily life comes from inside them, not the outside world, and can’t be hurried. The principles of this baby- centred parenting involve feeding on demand and picking them up as soon as they cry in the first few weeks of life. Studies show babies nurtured in this way cry, on average, 50 per cent less than those whose parents have a routine and delay their response to an upset tot.


For more tips, read the rest of part one in the October issue, out September 1st.

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