For some of you, you may still have a bump and you'll be trying everything to bring labour on! See our articles on jump-start labour at home for hints on starting labour. For others, this is your glorious first week with your tiny new bundle.

The first week with your new arrival is coming to an end and the slightly overwhelming feeling you've been experiencing lessens slightly. You may notice that your baby spends more time awake and less time sleeping. She’ll still sleep for most of the time but she may start from this point onwards to be more alert in the day.

Don’t worry if she ‘possets’ or spits up a small amount of milk after every feed. This is perfectly normal and is probably because her tummy is full or that she has a bit of wind. During your baby’s feed she will take in air as she swallows milk and these form air bubbles in her tummy. After every feed it is important to wind her by rubbing or patting her back so the bubbles come up in burps. You only need to wind her for about five or ten minutes unless you hear a burp before then. You may also notice your baby hiccuping from time to time, particularly after a feed. This is perfectly normal for a newborn baby.

You may realise there are things you haven't bought for your baby but you need now. Have a look at our KIT section for advice and products for mums.

Find out how your baby will progress in her second week...

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