Your baby's development

At this stage your baby may be able to track smaller objects placed in front of her eyesight and details are becoming more obvious to her. She is starting to understand about depth and height and can recognise patterns and the difference between two pictures. She will love it if you read to her, pointing out what the pictures are or the noises the animals make. She will probably start to bear some weight on her legs soon, but they still aren’t strong enough for her to stand so don’t force her if she doesn’t want too.


You may notice your baby’s eagerness to stand when she is on your lap, and you may also have heard rumours that babies standing before they are ready can make them bowlegged. There is no truth in this and if your baby wants to stand, let her for a moment. If she is not interested don’t push her to stand, she will in time when she is ready and on her own accord.


If your baby has reasonable neck and head control and does not slump forward, you can prop her up in a sitting position using cushions for support if she topples to one side. Make sure you stay with her at all times and don’t forget she can fall sideways, backwards and to the front. Your baby will love seeing the world from a different upright angle.

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