This week your baby’s energy is on the up as she plays with everything in sight. Noses, jewellery, hats and sunglasses beware!

Your baby this week

This week your baby may start to show interest in objects placed around her. She may even reach out to grasp them or twist her body to get at an object behind her. Once she has grasped her object she might try to pass it from one hand to the next.

She can properly play with toys now, but don’t go crazy buying every toy on the market, she will be happy enough banging away with a wooden spoon and some pots and pans. Babies like to make as much noise as possible and the simple act of banging on a drum or shaking a rattle or bells means they learn about cause and effect; if I shake this with my hands, I can make a noise happen. Give her lots of objects that make a noise, even if it is some keys inside an empty ice-cream box with the lid on. (Great homemade marrakas) For ideas on toys and games, look at our 5 Top products section or Gurgle Mums Love

Everything goes into her mouth at this stage so be careful to keep anything that poses a choking hazard away from her reach.

If her debut with solids is going well, don’t forget her bowel movements will change once food arrives. Expect your baby’s stools to resemble adult stools from this moment onwards, which means they will start to smell pretty awful. At least they will be a bit more contained than milk stools which on the up side means slightly less chance of having to use that spare set of clothes you always carry round in your change bag!

You this week

If your baby is well on the path of eating solids, don’t forget to give her a little bit of water with her food. Cool boiled water is best and she can drink it from a bottle, or little cup if she can manage. If you need help encouraging your baby to drink from a cup, read our feature on weaning from breast to cup. It might be a good idea to stock up your first-aid box this week. Hopefully you won’t have to use it, but as your baby practises her skills, including bouncing around, attempting to sit and grabbing everything, she may encounter some cuts and scrapes on the way. It is also a good idea to keep some infant Ibuprofen or Nurofen handy in case she has a fever that needs to be brought down.

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