Your baby will probably have been bearing some weight on her legs for some time now and may attempt to stand for a moment on her own. Don’t worry if your baby is showing no interest in standing alone at eight months, it will happen some time in the next few months.

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Depending on how good your baby is at eating, it might be time to try her on some finger foods. Don’t worry if she hasn’t cut any teeth yet, as long as the food you prepare is soft enough, her hardy gums should be able to handle it.  Steamed vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower make good finger foods because your baby can grip the stem. Pasta can also work and is a good source of carbohydrate. Try cooking tiny pasta shapes or chopping up shells or spaghetti. Pieces of banana are also great and are handy if you are out and about as you can buy bananas pretty much anywhere and they come in their own sterile skins! Break off little bits of banana for your baby to pick up and experiment with.

As your baby experiments with chunkier foods and feeds herself it is a good time to watch our video guide on what to do if your child chokes. It might also be helpful to read our First Aid feature on Choking: what to do. Always stay with her when she is eating, especially once finger foods have been introduced as she will try to ram everything into her mouth from sheer excitement, which can be dangerous.

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Most parents worry about their children choking, especially as they move onto more solid food and insist on feeding themselves. Keep your baby upright at all times when she is eating so food can be swallowed easily. A highchair is ideal, but even upright on your lap is better than your baby crawling around and eating or lying down.]

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