Your baby might be able to understand ‘No’, but may not actually stop what she is doing when you say it. As frustrating as this is, especially when your baby is about to eat mud from the garden, resist the urge to say ‘NO’ too much, as it will soon lose its impact. Try to limit the No’s to situations which could harm your baby, or when she is hair-pulling another baby for example. Try changing no to something else, so say, ‘why don’t we find your yellow ball and put the mud down’, instead. Even though she isn't yet a toddler, you might find our feature Tantrums Tantrums Tantrums helpful.

Although your baby is a little too young for being told off, you will still have to let her know the limits – which cupboards she isn’t allowed into or where not to poke her fingers (the fireplace?). Ensure that you've baby-proofed your house to make it as safe as possible, as this is the age your baby will really start exploring; read our feature on baby-proofing your home for more information.

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