Your toddler is 19 months old


Month 19

It probably doesn’t seem that long ago that you were feeding your baby with puréed carrot, but these days he’s making a mess and desperate to feed himself! He is now able to use his hands to complete fairly complicated tasks and is probably ready to try a spoon and fork. Take him shopping so he can pick out his own, make sure you sit as a family during mealtimes so he knows what spoons and forks are used for, cover the floor with something food-proof and definitely don’t serve peas! Your toddler should get the hang of cutlery in time and will probably mean normality returns to your mealtimes again.

This month your toddler seems to have the energy of a bull (albeit in a china shop) as he tears around, aching to be let out of the house so he can run free in the park. However, the weather generally dictates your toddlers day-to-day activities and when it rains, you are stuck inside. Instead of putting on the television, try putting on some music and dancing with your toddler. Choose songs that direct your child to do something (head, shoulders, knees and toes), or that speed up each verse so your toddler has to speed up his actions. Alternatively you can try a copycat game, where he has to copy your dance moves. (It’s a good workout for you too). Painting, crayoning and moulding play-dough can also use a bit of energy up, especially if you protect your room and lay a huge sheet of paper down for him to experiment with. If all else fails, wait for a break in the rain and seek out some puddles to splash in.

More sleep

Do you have an early riser on your hands? Pleased parents may rejoice in being able to sleep soundly through the night but shudder at the thought of a 5am wake up call. If your toddler routinely wakes you up, you may want to re-evaluate when he naps. An early morning nap (at 8-9am) may not be a good idea anymore so consider pushing it forwards by ten minutes each day or switching to one nap a day. Give you toddler lots of time outside so he has fresh air and can run about, then consider putting bedtime back a bit later in the hope that he sleeps longer in the morning. See our article Why your toddler needs a good nights sleep for more useful tips on getting an extra forty winks.

Baby number two?

Are you thinking about having another baby or have you decided one is enough? Some parents want their children in quick succession so they are close in age and others wait till their children are in nursery or school before thinking about another. Of course, we are all relying on mother nature and getting pregnant again may be quicker then last time, or take longer… 


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