Your toddler is 4 years and 8 months old


Month 56


Your child is continuously getting better at developing letters and writing. Keep encouraging your child to write and practice their letters as this helps your child feel accomplished at the same time as developing the skills and confidence with printing their letters. By helping your child and giving them practice it can create extra bonding time and you'll be able to spot the areas your child may need extra help. Reading stories to your child as much as possible will also help them understand and develop their understanding of the written word.


Your child is probably very good at catching and bouncing a big ball. At this age they are developing their skills to catch smaller balls and toys. This skill helps with their hand-eye coordination because it helps them pay attention to a smaller object. By learning and mastering catching smaller objects, the motor skills in their hands are becoming much more refined. Since your child is defining their motor capabilities and loves playing with groups of children, signing them up for sports is great for them. This allows your child to get exercise as well as socialise with other individuals.


Counting is an important aspect to your child’s development. Your child is developing their skills to count to 10. In order to do this they are counting objects and figuring out that numbers hold a value. They probably spend a lot of time counting and should be able to identify up to a group of ten of the same objects. They can identify up to ten because they have ten fingers, and can use their fingers to help count and to help identify. Don't worry if your child cannot count up to ten (or even five), all children develop differently and some don't really grasp numbers until they start school.


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