behind the scenes woodland pic1

If you go down to the woods today..

This was quite a logistical challenge, we had found the perfect location, it just happened to be in the middle of Epping Forest! On google maps it all seemed quite straight forward there was a lovely clearing only 500 metres from the parking area, the light was perfect, the space big enough to base the entire shoot here.

In the fog

Until...a couple of days before the shoot we had some heavy rain (suprise?!) which turned the access path that happened to be on quite a slope, into a partial mudslide. We managed to get most of the team, models and clothes down without too many issues, a couple of logs over puddles and the odd hop, skip and a jump we all made it, well, as far as trying to bring the smog machine down, yep, if it's not challenging enough to shoot in the middle of a forest then add a generator and fog machine into the mix!

It was hard work getting the equipment into place, but once we had found the best places to hide the generator so it wouldn't be seen and actually sent the fog in the direction the photos were being taken instead of all over the crew, the day went amazingly well.


behind scenes video

behind the scenes woodland pic1 


behind the scenes woodland pic2


behind the scenes woodland pic3

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