5 ways to comfort a crying baby

5 ways to comfort a crying baby

We show you 5 simple methods to help soothe a crying baby

how to soothe a crying baby

If your little one cries a lot chances are they're trying to tell you they need something. Whether it's tummy trouble, teething, tiredness or a more unusual reason, it can be hard to know which is the best way to calm your baby. 

But don't worry, Helen Foster has revealed the best tried-and-test techniques to help comfort a grizzly baby. 

Walking Works

It’s a natural reaction to pace up and down when your baby is crying – and science says it works.

A study carried out in Japan found that when babies are carried their heart rates slow down and their movement reduces – both signs that they are calming down.

Try recreating the womb

'My best trick for calming a crying baby is to return them to something like the state when they were most relaxed - in utero,' says Alison Walsingham of Calmer Parenting.

'Use red lights to stimulate the colour of the environment, put some white noise on and bring them close to your chest so they can hear your heartbeat.'

Sounds odd, but dad nipple's can calm baby

They’re crying, you’re trying to get the bottle ready and everyone is becoming a bit stressed – so here’s a novel suggestion: get dad to whip out a boob.

It’s normal for the Aka pygmies in the Congo. If mum isn't around, dad calms the baby by offering them a nipple.

Acupunture might help

Excessive crying is classed as for more than three hours a day, three days a week, for more than three weeks; the babies are often inconsolable.

But in trials babies were treated with acupuncture at a point between the thumb and first finger. ‘This point is used to relieve abdominal pain and calm the spirit, which is why it gets results,’ says Emma Guy (acupuncturethatworks.co.uk).

It might sound scary, ‘but the needles in traditional Chinese medical acupuncture are tiny – the size of a human hair,’ she says.

Give online hacks a go

Some tactics for soothing a baby have gone viral. Here are three to try:

  • Run a tapThe video of US nurse Lauren Session calming her threeweek-old niece by running the bathroom tap has been viewed over three million times.
  • Say Om Motivational speaker Daniel Eisenman was blogging live when his daughter Divina began to cry, so he let out a long, steady ommmmm. Seconds later she stopped, then fell asleep. Just search for How to Stop a Crying Baby in Seconds.
  • Do the hold That’s the name US paediatrician Dr Robert Hamilton gave his technique for calming babies after jabs. He picks them up, folds their right arm against their chest, puts their left arm on top and holds both with his left hand while supporting their head. He then holds their bottom with his right hand, and rocks them at a 45-degree angle. But after two-three months, he says, they’re too heavy for this. Discover how to do it on YouTube.


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