How to have an eczema-friendly, fun bath time

Which bathtime products are good for babies with eczema?

baby in the bath 

Looking after your baby's developing, delicate skin takes care and attention. But if your baby has eczema, a diagnosed skin condition that is common in children, it can be a minefield. Choosing the right products to bathe your child in is very important, as the wrong ones, that contain topical irritants, can inflame the condition. This has often meant that children with eczema miss out on bubble baths or fragrance products at bathtime, due to the majority being 'no go'. 

Did you know? Research has shown that 65% of children will be free of eczema by the time they are seven years old, and 74% by the time they reach 16 years of age. Only 1 in 12 adults has eczema compared to 1 in 5 children.


Baby and child toiletries brand Childs Farm’s Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Jennifer Crawley, says: “Eczema can be incredibly uncomfortable for children and it’s upsetting for parents to see their child suffering with itching and cracked, bleeding skin. Add to this that parents might feel they have to stop their children having a bubble bath with their siblings for fear of irritation, and it’s clear to see why so many parents are left feeling pretty desperate."


Luckily, times are changing, and there are now products to be found that smell good and are lots of fun that can be used safely at bathtime, and which have even been found to help improve the condition, in some cases. So you don't necessarily have to stick to the prescribed, traditionally non-foamy, bland washes.

One such range, that is fun and safe to use, is by Childs Farm, including bathtime products and moisturisers. Dr Jennifer Crawley, says: "Bubble baths don’t need to be off limits, it’s all about using the right products; natural products that are free from chemical nasties that can exacerbate irritation." Here are three of Gurgle's favourites from the collection: 

Childs Farm bedtime bubbles

Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Bubbles,£3.99 for 250ml

Childs Farm hair wash

Childs Farm sweet orange hair and body wash, £3.99 for 250ml

Childs Farm moisturiser

Childs Farm grapefruit and organic tea tree moisturiser, £3.99 for 250ml


Childs Farm is available in Tesco, Morrisons, Asda, Waitrose and Boots as well as online from,, and All Childs Farm products are subject to clinical trials and independent user testing


By Catherine Hudson



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