What is the best remedy for chicken pox?

What is the best remedy for chicken pox?

TV doctor from the Channel 4 show, Health Freaks, and GP Dr Ellie Cannon talks in this video about traditional remedies we use to treat the most common illness among children – chicken pox.


Harmless old wives' tales or ineffective remedies? A new report reveals traditional remedies may not be as effective for common conditions as we thought

The report commissioned by Care, revealed that one in 10 parents trust online information over GP advice and almost one in 10 respondents trust family advice over advice from their GP.

Most children will catch chickenpox at some point during their childhood, and for those of us that have had it, are sure to remember the constant need to scratch your skin into a frenzy. Some parents will even go to the extent of putting oven mitts on their little one’s hands to stop them scratching!

The report also reveals the methods parents have used to help relieve their child’s chickenpox symptoms. It found that 9 out of 10 have used calamine lotion on their children to relieve the signs of chickenpox, despite the fact that there is no clinical evidence to show that it works, as - whilst offering immediate itch relief - can often leave your child's skin feeling itchier than before.

What are your tried and tested chickenpox remedies? Tell us via Facebook or Twitter!


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