Baby & Toddler Health

When should you visit your GP? Is it something minor you can treat at home? Read through our expert advice and relieve your worries. From the signs and symptoms of meningitis to how to sooth your little one’s rashes, at Gurgle you’ll find the answers to any concerns that have been playing on your mind.

babies-exposure-to-bacteria-could-prevent-asthmaBaby & Toddler Health

Babies' exposure to bacteria could prevent asthma

Being exposed to ‘good bacteria’ could prevent children from developing asthma
worlds-smallest-thermometerBaby & Toddler Health

Introducing the world's smallest thermometer

Just in time for flu season, the Wishbone Smart Thermometer is the smallest non-contact thermometer
what-you-should-know-about-childhood-allergiesBaby & Toddler Health

What you should know about childhood allergies

With all the conflicting messages on allergies, where's a mum to start?
fall-in-child-mmr-vaccinationsBaby & Toddler Health

Fall in child MMR vaccinations

The proportion of two-year-olds having the MMR vaccine has fallen, according to the NHS
eczema-myths-bustedBaby & Toddler Health

Eczema myths busted

One in five children in the UK have eczema - a dermatologist sorts the facts from fiction for you
fever-warnings-for-new-baby-meningitis-vaccineBaby & Toddler Health

Fever warnings for new baby meningitis vaccine

Healthcare professionals advise parents to treat a fever linked to the new vaccine with paracetamol
picky-eating-could-be-a-sign-of-something-seriousBaby & Toddler Health

Picky eating could be a sign of something serious

A tendency towards fussy eating has been linked with a propensity for disorders later on in life
one-million-children-have-never-seen-a-dentistBaby & Toddler Health

One million children have never seen a dentist

One million children under eight have never been to the dentist
reflexology-for-colicBaby & Toddler Health

Comfort for colic

Samantha Chater’s son had terrible colic, but through reflexology she discovered how to ease it. Now you can too
mums-tips-on-e-number-safety-for-totsBaby & Toddler Health

Mums tips on E number safety for tots

What you need to know about E numbers when feeding your tots
e-numbers-the-facts-you-need-to-knowBaby & Toddler Health

E numbers: The facts to know

Many of us buy goodies that use natural colourings and avoiding artificial sweetners, but is it necessary?
how-to-forget-allergies-enjoy-summerBaby & Toddler Health

How to: Forget allergies & enjoy summer

Sneezing season is here. Nutritional therapist Julie Silver's tips can help tots forget allergies and enjoy summer
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grown-from-goodness-only-the-best-for-your-little-oneBaby & Toddler Health

Grown from goodness; only the best for your little one

HiPP’s farming methods meet (and in many cases exceed) the requirements of the EU Organic Farming Regulations.
expert-advice-about-jaundiceBaby & Toddler Health

Expert advice about jaundice

Jaundice can look dramatic but in many cases it will get better on its own
all-you-need-to-know-about-baby-jabsBaby & Toddler Health

All you need to know about baby jabs

Taking your baby to get their jabs isn’t fun for anyone, but it could be far worse.

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