Baby & Toddler Health

When should you visit your GP? Is it something minor you can treat at home? Read through our expert advice and relieve your worries. From the signs and symptoms of meningitis to how to sooth your little one’s rashes, at Gurgle you’ll find the answers to any concerns that have been playing on your mind.

home-cure-what-you-can-do-to-help-colicBaby & Toddler Health

Colic: Easy home cures to ease the pain

Home cures available to you if your baby is suffering from colic
expert-answers-your-nappy-rash-questionsBaby & Toddler Health

Expert answers nappy rash questions

We put your nappy rash questions to midwife Nikki Khan, who has lots of ideas to keep babies' butts happy
protecting-what-s-precious-every-dayBaby & Toddler Health

The 'Milton Method' of cold water sterilising

Milton offer their expert tips to help you keep yourself and your baby and home germ free
tips-to-help-stop-infection-spreadingBaby & Toddler Health

Tips to help stop infection spreading

Milton share tips to help you prevent spreading infectious germs around your home
how-to-boost-your-child-s-immunityBaby & Toddler Health

How to: Boost your child's immunity

Get our nutritionist's top five tips on what foods can help boost your toddler's immune system
how-to-help-eczema-in-babies-toddlersBaby & Toddler Health

How to help eczema in children

Eczema can be a real concern in little ones, here eczema questions are answered by medical herbalist, Lindsey Miller
kids-teeth-keep-them-sparkly-cleanBaby & Toddler Health

Kids’ teeth: Keep them sparkly clean

Keeping little one's teeth in great shape is a challenge, here are some tips to look after their smile
newborn-heel-prick-test-to-test-for-moreBaby & Toddler Health

Changes to newborn heel-prick test

Find out what other diseases the newborn heel-prick test will also be testing for in 2015
7-nappy-rash-trigger-times-a-helping-hand-from-metaniumBaby & Toddler Health

7 nappy rash triggers for your baby

There are 7 times when your baby more likely to get nappy rash
a-gentle-way-to-treat-nasal-congestionBaby & Toddler Health

A gentle way to treat nasal congestion

You can now treat your baby's nasal congestion with a range of gentle and effective products from Snufflebabe
is-your-child-addicted-to-sugarBaby & Toddler Health

Is your child addicted to sugar?

A new survey reveals that many parents fear their children are addicted to sugar. Are you?
new-book-aims-to-help-eczema-sufferersBaby & Toddler Health

New book aims to help eczema sufferers

New book aims to help young eczema sufferers understand the importance of following a regular skincare routine
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what-is-dyspraxia-and-how-can-it-be-diagnosedBaby & Toddler Health

What is dyspraxia and how can it be diagnosed?

Could your child have dyspraxia (developmental co-ordination disorder)?
my-baby-has-a-lump-in-his-groin-should-i-be-worriedBaby & Toddler Health

My baby has a lump in his groin, should I be worried?

Finding a lump in your baby's groin can be scary, so read our advice to help ease your concern.
a-no-nonsense-guide-to-childhood-illnessesBaby & Toddler Health

A no-nonsense guide to childhood illnesses

Know the difference between being aware and being worried about a childhood illness.

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