Batch cooking for babies

Batch cooking for babies

Batch cooking means you're never without tasty meals for your little one


What meals can I prepare for my mother-in-law to feed my nine-month-old when I go back to work?

It’s a good idea to batch-cook and freeze meals. Minced beef is versatile and freezes well: cook minced beef, finely chopped onion and canned tomatoes and you have a base for cottage pie or Bolognese – just add extras when you defrost and prepare the meal.

Fish pie is another favourite and can be made soft enough for a nine-month-old – just take care to remove all bones. You could also cut a salmon fillet into three or four pieces, freezing each separately; salmon cooks very quickly and can be served with mashed potato and carrot sticks cooked until soft.

Then there are home-made soups and vegetable casseroles, which are cheap to make and can be mashed. Use frozen vegetables for side dishes or to add to other recipes. When freezing small amounts, wrap them well and keep them separate; also, although in theory they’ll keep for a long time, when feeding babies try to use them within three months.

Sara Patience


Sara Patience is a registered nutritionist and health visitor, has her own practice and works for the NHS. Got a question for the panel? Email [email protected].


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