Top ten sleep tips for babies

Top ten sleep tips for babies

Former health visitor and parenting author Sarah Beeson has compiled her Top 10 baby sleep tips

 Top ten sleep tips for babies

1. Shush shush shush

Making shushing sounds gently behind your baby’s ear will help him or her relax because it simulates the noise of blood circulating in the womb.

2. Stroke your baby’s head

Stroke your baby’s forehead and temple, back of the head and bridge of the nose; the rhythmic touch will feel soothing and help him or her off to sleep.

3. Sway and breathe

Hold your baby against your chest as you gently sway, take a deep breath to fill your chest and then release the air out slowly. Repeat at least 10 times, and as your body relaxes, so will your baby.

4. Tilt your baby’s mattress

Put a pillow, folded sheet, blanket or muslin underneath the upper end of your baby’s mattress. This will raise the level of your baby’s head, which will help them breathe more easily.

5. Darken the room

Draw the curtains and turn down the lights in the room. This will create a calmer, more peaceful environment to encourage your baby drift off to sleep.

6. Rock the crib

A gentle rocking motion will sooth your baby and help them drift off. Place your hand gently on their tummy while you do this, as the feel of your touch will reassure your baby that you’re there.

7. Switch the hoover or hairdryer on

This will give your baby a mono-sound to focus on, which will block out other distracting sounds. You can also use music to replicate white noise or the sound of a heartbeat.

8. Place your baby’s hands on their chest

Gently hold your baby's hands in place on their chest with your hands on top of theirs; this will calm some babies if they wake from sleep.

9. Use a rocking chair

Cuddle up with your baby in a rocking chair – the combination of your warmth, touch, breathe and heartbeat with the gentle rocking motion is ideal for soothing a baby to sleep.

10. Lower your baby gently into their cot

Wait 10-15 minutes after they are asleep before moving them into their cot. Lower them down slowly and gently while you exhale a long breathe to keep you relaxed and steady.


These tips were brought to you by Sarah Beeson in association with Aldi Mamia's #MamiaNightFeed Twitter campaign.


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