7 best ways to prepare for baby's first Christmas

7 best ways to prepare for baby's first Christmas

We show new mums how to cope during the festive season with their little one

baby first christmas

Remember the time before children, when the way you celebrated Christmas was totally up to you? Having babies changes this forever. After your baby's first Christmas, the festive season will never be the same again – and thank goodness. Here’s how it all shapes up with little people on the scene.

Keep a box of cards and stamps by the door

Perhaps you half-heartedly swapped cards with work colleagues and friends before you had kids, or thought the internet generation could get away with posting an ironic Father Christmas meme on Facebook. Unfortunately this won't do. If you’re disorganised, keep a box of cards and stamps by the front door and write replies as they arrive.

Prepare for travel

Missioning along the motorway in the depths of winter to get to family gatherings isn't the most fun part of Christmas, especially when you've got a newborn in toe. Preparation is key. If your heading on a long car journey plan regular stops, bring foodie treats for them and you, and don’t be afraid to use the iPad as a backseat nanny.

Don't expect the cute Christmas baby outfit to stay on, or clean

Browsing Instagram for cute little babies in Christmas pudding costumes might inspire to get your baby their very own festive outfit to wear on the big day, but don't be fooled. The truth of the matter is that your baby will not share your enthusiam for playing dress up on their behalf.

So be under no illusion that the baby Santa Claus all-in-one is going to stay on, or clean, for more than five minutes. You'll have to be on top of your laundry by Christmas Eve so that you're armed with a couple of clean outfit changes and bibs to avoid the inevitable - no messing.

 baby christmas outfit

Take turns with big nights out

Although Christmas parties might not be as wild as they used to be they can still turn into a boozy affair. Usually two weeks before C-Day the big parties take place, make sure you plan your dates carefully around your partner's so you can take turns with babysitting duties - oh, and for the unavoidable hangover!

baby christmas present

Don't be heartbroken if they're poorly

You know it’s almost turkey time when the germs strike. When you have kids, your own particular Christmas miracle is a lack of snot, scabs and fevers – and you can bet your last chocolate coin that they’ll pick something up just in time to throw all your carefully laid plans into jeopardy.

You can try to beat the bugs with our 7 tips and tricks to keep your baby healthy in winter. But don’t be heartbroken if the germ fairy strikes. It’s not a total disaster if they’re poorly, and they’ll probably still enjoy the Christmas day.

There's no need to spend loads

Once shopping fever bites it becomes horribly irresistible to squander precious money on novelty Christmas toys and themed clothes that kids will only be able to wear for three weeks.

Opt for more practical presents such as Storksak Organics collections of baby skincare products, or keepsakes like a bespoke memory bear from Milo Bears that will last a lifetime - and doesn't break the bank!

Embrace the chaos

Finally the day arrives and yep, even if they’re streaming with snot and you’ve only had two hours sleep, there’s nothing quite like the kick you get watching them tearing into their stocking.

Being allowed sugar, being cooed over by adoring aunts, ditching nap time, showing off their new party clothes then taking them off to run around in a vest is all part of the fun. No wonder kids love Christmas so much.

The joy’s in putting on a silly hat, embracing the chaos of having a baby at Christmas and a lovely day with your family.


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