Sport is phil&ted’s innovative & all terrain stroller

Sport is phil&ted’s innovative & all terrain stroller

Sport is phil&teds innovative & all terrain stroller. Here are the experiences of Jane and blogger Dietmumfeed with their sport buggies, and how it helped them reach their active goals

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The phil&teds sport offers true flexibility to achieve your fitness goals. Whether you have one child or two, sport allows you to peacefully push your little ones at a slower speed or pick up the pace to jog, you choose! Just like your favourite activewear, sport is built for parks and walking trails yet stylish enough to hit the shops afterwards.

Sport - the innovative and all terrain stroller is the only pram in the world with the AutoStop brake, an award winning safety technology. AutoStop is a preventative safety feature that gives you peace of mind when negotiating tricky paths or when you need both hands to grab a stray toddler. sport can carry up to 40kg of kids & gear and it still feels light to push the whole time - a total workhorse! With superior weight balance, air tyres & robust construction, the phil&teds sport glides down woodland trails even when fully loaded. A true all terrain champion.

Sport was a lifestyle choice for Jane

Jane is a mother of 2 who lives in Hampstead Village with her hubby and dog Mike. She walks to keep fit and has always enjoyed getting out and being active with her friends. After having number 2 she’s struggled to make time to get out and feel human again. Her first pram had 4 wheels, was heavy and hard work on the grass. Initially it ticked all the boxes and felt pretty good, but once the second came along, she needed a pram with 2 seats.

“I purchased my first pram because I really liked the look of it. It was beautiful! Once it came to doing the things I love to do, like walking and even simple stuff like shopping, it was difficult. I just thought that it was part and parcel of being a parent”

She purchased a sport buggy with a double kit (second seat) from John Lewis. The first thing she noticed was how easy she could swivel it around with 2 children. No sales person could have convinced her how easy it was without her actually trying it.

“At first I was sceptical. Why? Every salesperson is telling me that I should buy every pram because a celebrity is using it, or the colour is in season or insert reason here. It was so confusing and to be honest, nobody asked me about what I’d actually be using it for.”

Jane purchased the sport based on some good sales advice and hubbys hour long session with the pram and the phil&teds weight babies.

“I couldn’t believe the difference between my old and new pram. It was like night and day. The real clincher happened after we’d purchased. We were out walking in Hampstead Heath on a decline section. I was a bit puffed and Mike ran off. I let go of the pram in a moment of panic to chase the dog and then immediately struck with a bolt of terror - I had to chase the buggy down the hill! This is the second I realised the AutoStop brake was absolutely amazing! The pram stopped as soon as I let go and it was exactly where I left it when I turned back around - indescribable sweet relief.”

Sport enabled Dietmumfeed to train and reach her goal of running 10kms in only a few months

little girl walking in front of buggy

"I’ve been training with my phil&teds sport running buggy all summer and I absolutely love it. Before having a baby, I had no idea that running buggies existed, and thank goodness they do. Without mine, I wouldn’t be able to run as nearly as much, due to childcare not being that easy of an option for me. My daughter genuinely loves going in the buggy too and she gets so excited when I say let’s go for a run. The sense of freedom I get from it all is simply amazing, plus it’s helped me regain my fitness and confidence (for several reasons, I really thought I wouldn’t be able to run again having my little one)."

Sport is the true all terrain champion that is best suited to an active lifestyle. We recommend trying sport for yourself. The proof is in the product.

Read more about the phil&teds sport here.


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