From adapting to cope with crying and feeding, to the best ways to get your baby to sleep; find a precious spare moment to read our expert advice on your new baby. Time flies, so just enjoy being a new mum and all those amazing developmental milestones - we’ve done all the research for you.


Best baby names for brainiacs

What are the most common names when it comes to geniuses?

Sweet dreams: expert sleep tips

Need a little help getting some shut-eye? Read our expert advice for both you and baby

Top weaning tips

Check out our how-to guide on weaning your tot, full of store-cupboard superheroes and advice on what to avoid

Making life #BetterForBaby

See Pampers' adorable video celebrating how we make life better for baby - and the chance to win a grant

The adorable new photos of Princess Charlotte

We dare you not to say 'aah' at these pics of her royal cuteness

Child car seats – for cars only

A leading baby charity is looking to raise awareness of the dangers of leaving babies in car seats

Royal baby food range on the cards?

Could our little princes and princesses be eating royal baby food in the near future?

Is sitting for long periods bad for baby?

We all need a bit of antenatal R&R, but staying active is just as important for your health

Loved by babies, recommended by mums

New Organix Baby Biscuits make the perfect food for little fingers to get to grips with

Keep baby close with AmaWrap

Suitable from newborn, AmaWrap is all about keeping the skin-to-skin contact between mum and baby

Nine tips to help your baby sleep

If your little one is keeping you up at night, here are tips that’ll help your baby to sleep

Baby talk - an all-important influence?

The way you talk to your baby could affect their social skills later on in life
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How to carry your baby in a sling

Find out the safest way to carry your baby in a sling by following the TICKS safety guidelines.

The benefits of baby swimming

Read the benefits of taking your baby swimming from an early age and how it can help your child's physical...

Teach baby how to swim during National Baby Swimming Week

Find out when National Baby Swimming Week is in October 2017 and read why it is so important for babies...