Breastfeeding pain

Breastfeeding pain

Breastfeeding should be a joy, not a pain, so ask for help if it hurts


My little girl is two weeks old and feeds well but I have sore nipples and shooting pains for a minute or so at the start of each feed. Is there anything I can do about this, and when will it stop hurting?

Any consistent pain while breastfeeding is not normal. You should speak to your midwife or health visitor, have your breastfeeding position checked, and also make sure you and your baby do not have thrush, as this can also cause pain when feeding. You could ask about any local support groups too – advice from other mums who may have had similar issues can be hugely supportive.

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I experienced similar issues with my first child and immediately asked for help from my midwife. Positioning my baby correctly helped, as did speaking to other mums in the same situation. I also found Lansinoh helped to soothe some of the soreness.

Please be reassured that this stage will pass. I promise that, with help, it will get much better soon.

Elizabeth Day


Elizabeth Day is Mothercare's parenting advisor and has a background in children's social care, child development, maternity nursing and psychology. Got a question for the panel? Email [email protected]


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